With the API, you can retrieve a retailers orders.

For a full overview of retailer order functionality please visit the API Reference

List orders

To list orders, send a GET request to the /buyer/orders/ endpoint.

You can include various query parameters to filter or modify the records you receive in the response.

For example, to list orders in the Submitted state for a specific brand, you can add the status and seller query parameters to the request. The following request returns only Submitted orders for the brand with id 4335.

Note: Brand ids can be found in the order response.

GET /api/v2/buyer/orders/?status=Submitted&seller=4335
Host: sandbox.leaflink.com
Authorization: App 54901b614b81d25084edc7b1f2016571b96778910d7b8b0befgf8decd418d6ab
Content-Type: application/json

Visit the /buyer/orders/ endpoint reference for a full list of supported parameters.

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