Building Integrations

LeafLink welcomes external systems and developers to build standardized integration solutions with our marketplace. Follow the steps below to build out an integration.

  1. Reach out to to schedule an introductory call
  2. After the discussion, you will be provided access to a test account to develop your integration
  3. While building the integration, make sure to follow our Best Practices and reach out to our team with any questions
  4. Once the integration is developed, reach out to to schedule a review
  5. After the review process, provide user ready documentation of the integration to including:
    • How to activate the integration
    • How the integration is triggered
    • Which data is synced between the systems
    • Which direction the data flows
    • Who to contact for support
  6. Once the integration has been reviewed and documentation has been provided, mutual customers can begin using the integration

After successfully piloting the integration with a customer, reach out to the Integrations team to be listed on our Integrations pageopen in new window

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