With every API request, you must include the application API key in an Authorization header and the domain of the environment you are interacting with.

Integration Tip

If you’re building an integration that you want to offer to more than one LeafLink user, we recommend using an app-level api token.

  • User Token - A User-level token will allow the user to have access to all companies via API that the user is permissioned within the LeafLink Platform.
  • App Token - An App token will allow access via API to the single company in which the App token was created within the LeafLink Platform.

The value should be App api_key. Note the single space between App and api_key.


Authorization: App 54901b614b81d25084edc7b1f2016571b96778910d7b8b0befgf8decd418d6ab

Rate Limiting

API access is limited to 300 requests/minute, with a burst rate of 1000 requests/minute. Rate limits are tied to the owner of the API key used. The owner is whomever generated the API key originally. Request counts are calculated on a rolling basis.

If you hit the limit, requests will be rejected and a 429 Too Many Requests sent back.

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